Kepley, Angela

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1-21 is a quartet for mallet instruments and toms inspired by music, chanting, and energy of the Women’s March. Each member of the ensemble has the opportunity to play both a mallet instrument and toms. The piece contains rhythms inspired by sambas and chants, with solo sections that give students a chance to voice their own musical thoughts and ideas while building on the energy of the ensemble.

Program Notes

1-21 was inspired by the rhythm, music, and energy of the Women’s March. While attending the Women’s March in Chicago, I found myself surrounded by chanting, music, and excitement. There was a sense of community and a common goal of unit and equality. As a percussionist and dancer, I was drawn to samba music off in the distance. That day, I marched and danced my way through the streets of Chicago.

When I sat down to compose the following day, the rhythms of samba and the various chants were playing in my head. The result was a composition that melded the of sounds from the previous day. Like the march, the solo sections of the piece give students a chance to voice their own ideas while simultaneously feeding off each other’s musical energy. The title is a reminder of the wonderful sense of community and the sounds and energy of the city that I experienced on that date.

Grade Level: 3
Copyright: 2019
Number of Players: 4
Duration: 3:20

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    Percussion 1 (Vibraphone and Tom)
    Percussion 2 (4-octave Marimba and Tom)
    Percussion 3 (4-octave Marimba and Tom)
    Percussion 4 (5-octave Marimba and Tom)

    Toms should be graduated in pitch with Percussion 1 having the highest drum.

    (Playable on two marimbas)