Peruzzolo-Vieira, Samuel

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C. Alan Publications

Based on the idea of a single hybrid instrument, this demanding keyboard percussion duet welcomes skilled musicians looking for a relentless, stimulating, and challenging piece for both players.

Program Notes

Amálgama (2006, rev. 2022) (Portuguese for amalgam) is based on a very simple idea: fuse marimba and vibraphone into a single hybrid instrument. Although paradoxically, the idea of an alloy made of metallic and wooden properties seemed inspiring enough to start writing. From this, subsequent ideas emerged that helped define the musical identity of the work, namely the agglutination of timbres, the physical properties of matter, the control of energy impulses, and mimetic gestures. The result is a liquid amalgam of mallet keyboard bars.

The narrative of the piece is tense and relentless, but never chaotic. The interchangeable pieces bring a sense of composite but bright alloy, like a light bulb.

– S.P.V.

Grade Level: 6
Copyright: 2022
Number of Players: 2
Duration: 7:00

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  • Instrumentation

    Vibraphone,br> Marimba [4.5-octave]