American Dance Music (orchestra version)


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American Dance Music (orchestra version)


McCarthy, Daniel

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C. Alan Publications

Concerto for Brass Quintet & 1 Percussion

American Dance Music celebrates uniquely American music popularized by American dance crazes. A sophisticated hoe-down leads into a Latin dance combined with a Baroque cannon! The slow Serenade recalls the 40s style slow dances while Jazz brings the 50s to the table. The finale, Rockit, is infused with elements of jazz, rock and funk.

Grade Level: 5
Copyright: 2002
Number of Players: Standard + 5
Duration: 12:00

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Sample PDF

  • americandance-orch.pdf
  • Instrumentation

    Flute 1/2 (Piccolo)
    Oboe 1/2
    Bb Clarinet 1/2
    Bassoon 1/2
    F Horn 1–3
    Bb Trumpet 1/2
    Bass Trombone
    Percussion 1 (congas/bongos, maracas, snare drum, suspended cymbals, vibraslap, woodblock)
    Percussion 2 (bass drum, claves, hi-hat, suspended cymbal, triangle, vibraslap)
    Timpani (afuche)
    Violin I
    Violin II
    Double Bass
    Solo Bb Trumpet 1–2
    Solo F Horn
    Solo Trombone
    Solo Tuba
    Solo Percussion/Xylophone