Nechamkin, Tyler

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The enigmatic Arepo asks each performer to demonstrate well-rounded musicianship by playing several instruments, rotating between drums and keyboards. Inspired by the film Tenet, this octet travels forward then backwards through time.

Program Notes

Arepo was premiered by the McKinney High School Percussion Ensemble. Inspired by the film Tenet, the work centers on the idea that time is nonlinear - it flows backwards and forwards all at once. This is reflected in the structure of the piece. In ABCBA form, the piece travels forwards then backwards through its sections and ends the same way it begins.

Tenet itself takes inspiration from a five-word Latin palindrome called the Sator Square. The words in the Sator Square roughly translate like: SATOR, to sow; AREPO, unknown; TENET, to hold; OPERA, work; ROTAS, rotate.

The namesake Arepo being of unknown origin inspires the enigmatic, dreamlike nature of the piece. The 5/4 meter, looping harmonic structure, disorienting melodies, and pulsing drums help contribute to a surreal and reflective experience for the audience.

Grade Level: 5
Copyright: 2022
Number of Players: 8
Duration: 4:45

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    Player 1: China Cymbal, Ice Bell, Opera Gong, Brake Drum, Suspended Cymbal, Bells
    Player 2: Concert Bass Drum, Swish Knocker, Djembe
    Player 3: Vibraphone
    Player 4: Vibraphone, Rainstick, 4 Concert Toms
    Player 5: Marimba [4.5-octave], Suspended Cymbal, Bongos
    Player 6: Marimba [4.3-octave], Bongos
    Player 7: Marimba [4.3-octave], Medium Triangle
    Player 8: Marimba [5-octave], Large Triangle