Chamber Symphony No. 3 for Clarinet


Chamber Symphony No. 3 for Clarinet


McCarthy, Daniel

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Clarinet Feature

The title "Chamber Symphony" indicates that "the wind ensemble is more intimately involved (musically speaking) with the soloist than an accompaniment as in a concerto. In this regard, the single winds and bassoon are treated integrally although the clarinet is the featured instrument.

Program Notes

Chamber Symphony No. 3 was written for the Cleveland Chamber Symphony and clarinetist Kristina Belisle. This is the third work by McCarthy titled "Chamber Symphony" written for a soloist and chamber group. The term is used instead of "concerto" due to a more virtuosic approach to the ensemble writing so that ensemble and soloist are intimately involved. Chamber Symphony No. 1 for Marimba and Winds and Chamber Symphony No. 2for Bassoon and Winds are recorded on Klavier Records by the North Texas Wind Symphony conducted by Eugene Corporon. The six movements were written during a dark period of the composer's life involving several family deaths and deep personal struggle. The second movement, Holy Ghost, is a remembrance of McCarthy's mother, a strong woman of faith who died in the summer of 2002. A Voice in the Dark depicts the reality of living with the specter of those who have passed. TanzMusik, a lively dance movement, is perhaps a bit sarcastic. It is about trying to dance the lively dance in the midst of profound doubt and struggle.

Grade Level: 4
Copyright: 2003
Number of Players: 18

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  • Instrumentation

    Solo B-flat Clarinet
    B-flat Clarinet
    Bass Clarinet
    F Horn
    B-flat Trumpet
    Percussion 1ÔÇô2 (crotales, suspended cymbal, low tom, timbales, bongos, temple blocks, finger cymbals, maracas, timpani, shaker)
    Violin I
    Violin II
    String Bass