Little Acorns (6-Part Flex)


Little Acorns (6-Part Flex)


Broughton, Bruce

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C. Alan Publications

Inspired by the English proverb, "From little acorns do mighty oaks grow," Bruce Broughton fully embraces this idea with his colorful 9-minute work for 6-part adaptable wind band and optional percussion – starting with the seed of 6 flexible parts and developing into a full-scale piece that is simultaneously playful & serious.

Program Notes

Little Acorns takes its title, as well as its form, from the old English proverb, “From little acorns do mighty oaks grow.” This piece is full of “little acorns,” motifs and ideas that are introduced, worked on, put aside, re-introduced and worked on some more, until a much larger piece – the “Mighty Oak,” containing all of the little motives that grew, developed and branched out from the “Acorns,” – eventually comes into being.

The SpectraFlex Series for adaptable wind band offers flexibility with pieces across all grade levels, featuring traditional high-to-low scoring with 5 or 6 parts and optional percussion. Each part is transposed and playable by a multitude of wind or keyboard percussion instruments while maintaining the spectrum of sound we have grown to love about the wind band.

Grade Level: 5
Copyright: 2020
Duration: 9:00

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    Transposed Score (showing all transposed parts)
    Condensed Score (only ""C"" parts)

    Adaptable Parts
    (2 copies of each of all parts for each listed instrument)

    Part 1: Piccolo (optional), Flute, Oboe, B-flat Clarinet

    Part 2: Flute, Oboe, B-flat Clarinet, E-flat Alto Saxophone

    Part 3: B-flat Clarinet, E-flat Alto Saxophone, B-flat Trumpet, F Horn

    Part 4: B-flat Clarinet, E-flat Alto Saxophone, B-flat Trumpet, F Horn

    Part 5: B-flat Tenor Saxophone, F Horn, Trombone, Euphonium, Bassoon

    Part 6: B-flat Bass Clarinet, E-flat Baritone Saxophone, Trombone, Euphonium, Bassoon, Tuba, Double Bass

    Percussion Parts (100% optional)
    Timpani (4 drums)
    Percussion 1: Xylophone, Marimba (4-oct), Glockenspiel, Triangle, Vibraphone
    Percussion 2: Tambourine, Guiro, Tenor Drum, Crash Cymbals, Suspended Cymbal, Chimes, 2 Woodblocks, Temple Blocks, Bass Drum
    Percussion 3: Snare Drum, 4 Roto-Toms, Triangle