Gillingham, David R.

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With the unique combination of euphonium and string quartet, Gillingham's Motions is set in five movements, each alluding to a different "motion" – perpetual, slow, contrary, stationary, and oscillatory,

Program Notes

Motions was commissioned by the Tuba Bach Festival of Big Rapids, Michigan, Ed Mallett, director, for performance by the Harlem String Quartet with Ed Mallett on euphonium.

The work is in five movements, each alluding to a different “motion.” Movement 1, “perpetual,” uses a continuous pattern of 16th notes depicting perpetual motion. Movement 2, “slow,” makes obvious reference to very slow motion. The harmony provides much of the interest of this movement with suspended figures, added note chords, extended tertian sounds, and shifting tonality. “Contrary,” the motion of Movement 3, uses contrary motion throughout within the melodic vocabulary of a blues scale and traditional jazz-like harmonies and rhythms. Movement 4, “stationary” is based on a pedal “B” throughout the whole movement played by euphonium, cello and violin 1. As in Movement 2, the harmony provides interest and variance around the sustained “B.” “Oscillatory” motion is the subject of Movement 5. The movement is based on an oscillating minor third with driving rhythms and fluctuating dynamics.

Grade Level: 4
Copyright: 2013
Number of Players: 5
Duration: 16:00

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    Solo Euphonium
    (Solo TC Baritone)
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