Shared Spaces


Shared Spaces


Glassock, Lynn

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C. Alan Publications

Shared Spaces is a one-of-a-kind chamber work for two horns and two percussion. Fantastic interplay within the instruments abounds as well as passages where the horns interact then the percussionists follow suit.

Program Notes

Shared Spaces was commissioned by Bob and Barbara Adamcik, John and Lynn Beck, Robert and Julie Bridge, Christopher and Leslie Norton, William Manley and Alyssa Coffey, and D. Thomas and Christina Toner.

The rather unique instrumentation for this chamber piece was selected by the six couples who commissioned its creation. They are horn/percussion duos who not only share their musical and personal lives as couples, but also as friends and colleagues of the larger group. The inspiration for the piece came from the perceived and imagined interactions of this community of performers and was then reformulated into how each instrument would manifest itself individually, as one of a pair of instruments, and within the group as a whole.

Grade Level: 3
Copyright: 2005
Number of Players: 4
Duration: 11:00

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  • Instrumentation

    F Horn 1ÔÇô2
    Percussion 1 (marimba, small bass drum, medium toms, small suspended cymbal)
    Percussion 2 (vibraphone, bass drum, 4 concert toms, conga drums, bongos, temple blocks)