Short Stories


Short Stories


Broughton, Bruce

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C. Alan Publications

A contemporary duet for piano and marimba with hints to the romantic piano writing of Liszt and Rachmoninoff. Other musical styles can be heard in each of the Short Stories from baroque to minimalism with a listener-friendly virtuosic final movement.

Program Notes

1. The Zahir
From a story by Borges, the zahir is an object that is unforgettable. In the Borges story, the zahir was a coin. In this piece, the zahir is the opening four chords, from which the rest of the piece cannot wrest itself.

2. Doppelgänger
The Doppelgänger (literally “double goer” in German) is one’s double, another version of oneself. Though the idea has in mythology and psychology certain negative or whimsical associations, the Doppelänger presented here is another version of the same thing, one piece played in different ways by two instruments simultaneously, each independent of, but similar to, the other.

3. Consolation in Moscow
This is an imaginary meeting between Liszt, the composer of the Consolations, and Rachmaninoff, the composer/pianist from Moscow. Each composer is represented by his distinctive harmonic or pianist style. The two composers are favorites of Brenton Dunnington, by whom Short Stories was commissioned.

4. Road Trip
Road trips take the traveler through various locales. In this piece, the road trip takes the listener and performers through various musical styles, beginning with the baroque and traveling quickly to minimalism.

5. Virtuosi Afloat on a Sea of White
A virtuoso finale in a listener-friendly “war-horse” style.

Commissioned by Marimbist Brenton Dunnington
With a loving dedication to Ann Mari

Grade Level: 3
Copyright: 2008
Number of Players: 2
Duration: 23:30

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  • Instrumentation

    Marimba (5-octave)