Naomi Crellin

Naomi graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Voice from the Elder Conservatorium ? University of Adelaide and has been a member of many choirs, orchestras and ensembles throughout her career. In addition, Naomi has played a wide range of musical instruments including piano, cello and oboe. She won the Young Australian Composer of the Year Award (1996) and Best Undergraduate Vocalist Award (2001) from the Elder Conservatorium of Music. Naomi has also studied voice, conducting, piano and jazz ballet, and has taught piano, vocal and choral students for several years.

After joining The Idea of North in early 2002, Naomi quickly became a significant contributor to the group's repertoire through her writing and arranging and has also utilised her extensive choral training and experience in taking a major responsibility for managing the group's musical affairs and educational activities. She currently undertakes the role of Musical Director. Since becoming a member of the group, Naomi has travelled widely on all overseas tours and having spent a number of years studying the German language is a very useful person to have on a European tour!

Naomi augments her Idea of North experience by adjudicating, writing, arranging, workshopping, masterclassing and consulting in all things vocal.

Originally a song in four parts for acapella vocal ensemble, A Country Mile is written in the style of an old-world jazz ballad and arranged for concert band by Edward Fairlie.